Enterprise SMS Gateway

uCantel Enterprise Solution allows for the sending of SMS/Text Messages at any time, from anywhere to everywhere. This is underpinned by our highly robust messaging gateway:

uCantel Messaging Gateway (UMG).

Benefits of Using uCanTel Web SMS 3.0

Our Enterprise customers will have access to a number of advanced web interface design features,  customized to suit your business environment.


+ Advanced Messaging Interface

+ Advanced Cost-Centre / Department Reporting

+ Seamless Application Integration

+ Campaign Management Tools

+ Enterprise Level User Management

The UMG System


 This is a modular feature driven solution designed to support dynamic addition and removal of features, making it scalable, robust and fast.

The distributed cloud base architecture employed by UMG prevents a single point of failure and set its SLA supported availability to 99.99%.

 The architecture’s real-time design delivers consistent millisecond response latency with the ability to service thousands of transactions per second. Multiple load balancing, coupled with the ability to add nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime enables almost unlimited scalability to handle your most unpredictable workloads.


Secure Connections

Security via SSL is available without any additional cost and is highly recommended to use. All messages Transmitted between UMG and telecommunication operators are via VPN (IP SEC) connection. Business-to-Business VPN is also used to allow an additional level of security for clients connecting to our SMS gateway.

Supported Interfaces

uCantel Value Added Service (uVAS)

uCantel through our Tech partners Xe2e, can and has, over the years, developed customized applications to suit customers’ business models.

uCantel works alongside customers to truly understand their needs and will tweak or reconfigure the existent application or develop a totally new application to meet the customers’ specifications.


Benefits of uCantel Messaging Gateway (UMG).

The benefits of UMG have been realized in the most demanding environments, across a diverse range of industry verticals including healthcare, Education, Finance and Hospitality.