Powerful SMS Gateway Messaging Solution that enable your business to grow its client base, and connect with users all over Jamaica, the Caribbean and by extension 200 other countries worldwide

Send and Receive SMS

Whether you’re sending a single message notification to an important client, or a bulk SMS blast to millions, uCanText is Engineered to carrier-grade performance standards to satisfy your business SMS needs.

The range of competitive pricing, matched by reliable service has allowed uCanText to be the SMS solution of choice for financial institutions, retailers, governments, Telecommunication Operators and organizations looking for secure quality messaging service.


Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. That’s why it’s import to have a non-invasive line of communication with your customers.

SMS Confirmations

Use SMS Confirmations to confirm appointment times, present account details, and relay any other important information directly to your customer’s mobile device.

SMS Marketing

Use business SMS marketing tools to create engaging and interactive marketing campaigns, re-initiate relationships with old clients,

SMS Enquiries

SMS Enquiries will allow your customers the ability to request and access important time-sensitive information on the go, no matter the requirements.

SMS Reminders

In a digital age where technological efficiency is the key to reaching your customers, it can sometimes be a struggle just to get heards.

SMS Monitoring

Use SMS monitoring to help with real-time information, using our keyword functionality and message triggers to automate and respond to critical infrastructure thresholds.

Fast and Dependable Full Featured Routing

uCanText SMS Solutions Has Endless Possibilities